Leaked French Intel Report Contradicts Paris’ Claims its Weapons Aren’t in Yemen

Given the laconic title of “Yemen: Security Situation,” the highly classified report dates to September 25, 2018, and was prepared by the French Directorate of Military Intelligence for an October meeting of the French “restricted council,” a cabinet-level group that includes French President Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the Armed Forces Florence Parly and Minister of European and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, The Intercept noted. It was leaked to the French investigative news organization Disclose and was published in full Monday by The Intercept, Disclose and four other French media organizations.

The report directly contradicts statements made by Parly in late October that French weapons “have not been used against civilians,” quipping that “we don’t sell weapons like they’re baguettes,” according to AFP.

The defense minister also said on French radio in January that she had “no knowledge as to whether [French] weapons are being used directly in” Yemen and that “we have recently sold no weapons that could be used in the course of the Yemen conflict.”

Those statements would appear to be untrue.

Warning that French war material “may have been used to commit war crimes” in the four-year-long Yemeni War, the report documents the French weapons used by both the Saudi and Emirati militaries, as well as maps of where they’ve been used.

The French weapons named in the report include: the Mirage 2000 fighter jet; the Damocles laser targeting…

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