Israeli Firm Dumps Satellite Snaps of Alleged ‘Iranian’ Facility Struck in Syria

Middle East

Israel reportedly carried out an airstrike against a military facility near the city of Hama in western Syria on Saturday, with Syrian air defences intercepting some of the missiles, said to have been launched from Lebanese airspace to hinder an effective defence.

Israeli satellite intelligence company ImageSat International has released satellite images of what it says may be ‘Iran-related missile manufacturing hangers’ in Masyaf, Syria.

The images, posted on the company’s Twitter account, show unidentified structures ‘before’ and ‘after’ the attack, with several large buildings turned into what appear to be piles of rubble.

ImageSat was careful to note that it could not verify ‘Iranian control’ of the facility, nor the site’s status as a missile factory, tweeting only that “If the bombed site in Masyaf, Syria was indeed a missile factory, it could allow production and assembly of different [surface-to-surface missile] elements or for improving the accuracy of missiles.”

The intelligence firm also reported a lack of actual missiles or launchers identified in the compound, and the lack of protected structures traditionally necessary for the assembly of missile engines or warheads.

According to ImageSat, the alleged missile factory was reportedly built between 2014 and 2016, with the company also claiming that Iran likely controlled only the eastern part of a larger military facility, with the…

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