US Military, Lawmakers Say Communication with Russia Needed to Avert Nuclear War

According to a number of military officials, politicians and experts, a lack of communication between Moscow and Washington could potentially devolve into a nuclear conflict.

A number of US military officials have called for better communication with Russia over fears that a lack thereof could result in a military conflict that can lead to a nuclear exchange.

“During the Cold War, we understood each other’s signals. We talked,” said US Army General Curtis Scaparrotti, outgoing NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe. “I’m concerned that we don’t know them as well today.”

According to Scaparrotti, much more intensive communication with Russia is needed. He personally met with the Russian chief of general staff, General Valery Gerasimov, only twice but had a number of phone conversations during his service.

“I personally think communication is a very important part of deterrence,” Scaparrotti said in an interview published Sunday, pointing toward the concept that adversaries who know each other’s capabilities and intentions are less likely to enter into direct conflict. “So, I think we should have more communication with Russia. It would ensure that we understand each other and why we are doing what we’re doing.”

Scaparotti’s ideas are mirrored by those of James Stavridis, a retired Navy general who was also NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe between 2009-2013. While saying that the West must confront Russia when necessary, he also called for increased…

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