Pompeo Claims Iranian Money Remains in South America

Latin America

Over the last week, the US secretary of state has toured Latin America, building a coalition for Washington’s policy against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and slamming China and Russia for backing him. The trip will culminate with his visit to the Columbian city of Cucuta on the Venezuelan border.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of supporting terrorism in Latin America in an interview with the Voice of America while touring the continent. 

“There’s no doubt. Iranian money remains in South America… supporting Hezbollah, supporting transnational criminal organizations, supporting efforts at terrorism throughout the region,” the top US diplomat said when he was asked if Tehran is present in the region.

He also branded the Islamic Republic “the world’s largest state sponsor of terror”, noting: “That’s a global threat”.

He also took aim at Venezuela’s elected president, Nicolas Maduro, claiming that he and “his henchmen have destroyed this nation”. He slammed the current leader for cooperating with Russia and Cuba.

“He’s handed over all his power to the Cubans and to the Russians”, Pompeo said.

The US secretary of state, at the same time, downplayed his recent invective against China’s presence in venezuela when he claimed that their “financial interventions have helped destroy the country” and blamed China for injecting “corrosive capital…

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