Need to review narrative about our country in India: Pakistan envoy

Pakistan’s outgoing High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood. (File)

Asserting that there was a need to review the narrative about Pakistan in India, Pakistan’s outgoing High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood on Sunday said the Imran Khan-led government was hoping for a “re-engagement” with New Delhi after the Lok Sabha elections.

“We hope for re-engagement after the elections in India. Diplomacy and dialogue are indispensable,” Mahmood, who has been appointed as Pakistan’s next Foreign Secretary, said in an interview with PTI.

At a time when ties between the two countries are at an all-time low, Mahmood said dialogue between India and Pakistan was the only option to understand mutual concerns and ensure peace, prosperity and security in the region.

“Sustained engagement and structured dialogue would enable the two countries to understand mutual concerns and differences, resolve outstanding disputes and build the edifice of durable peace, security and prosperity in the region,” Mahmood said.

Tensions escalated sharply after India conducted airstrikes against a Jaish-e-Mohammad camp on February 26 in Balakot, days after the February 14 terrorist attack on CRPF personnel in Pulwama.

On February 27, Pakistani jets entered Indian airspace to carry out retaliatory action and targetted military installations. While the situation has eased considerably over the last few weeks.

“A narrative is needed that captures the reality in Pakistan objectively…

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