A Poem for Julian Assange

They dragged him from the Embassy, the plainclothes men from the Met,

We talk of Britain’s ‘independence’ from Europe, but what about from the rest?

The captive looked like Ben Gunn, old, bearded and grey,

Sneered at and laughed at by those in the pay,

Those who support Empire told us ‘Julian’s a cad’,

But where is the proof of him doing anything bad?

Accusations are levelled but charges not brought,

Fair-minded people see that extradition must be fought,

Britain tells Sweden: ‘Don’t you dare get cold feet!’

Assange is a ‘traitor’ and must be beat!,

But a ‘traitor’ to whom?  is what we all must ask.

Exposing the crimes of illegal war,

Cannot be illegal, that’s for sure,

Julian’s great crime was to pull back the curtain,

That we were led by liars and knaves, Wikileaks proved for certain,

Now it’s time for the elite’s revenge,

That revenge will be awful, but only if we allow it,

So don’t be cowed by unsubstantiated charges,

Instead, put on your hat and go out for marches.

By exposing wrongdoing, Assange did us all a favour,

So his persecution for publishing the truth is something we cannot savour,

The wars we paid for, did not protect us,

On the contrary, they actually betrayed us,

They made us less safe and brought terrorism home,

It’s those who launched them who should be on trial,

Not Julian, the man who showed us the file,

Until that  happens, everything else is a joke,

A confidence trick like a pig in a poke,

Julian is not a journalist, the…

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