Sweden Admits US, Neighbour States Violate Its Airspace More Often Than Russia

Despite all speculations about a “Russian threat”, fighter aircraft from other countries encroach Sweden’s airspace much more often. For instance, neighbouring Denmark and the US are far worse culprits in setting off the alarm.

Denmark triggers Sweden’s alarm more often than Russia, Danish Defence Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen admitted in a response to parliament.

In the past three years, Russia activated Sweden’s alarm three times, compared to Denmark’s nine times. This accomplishment makes Denmark the country most culpable for setting off the airspace alarm on the other side of the Øresund Strait, the newspaper BT reported.

Frederiksen was asked to testify in parliament after a request from the opposition Red-Green Alliance MP Søren Søndergaard, who referred to “a general impression that Russia encroaches on other countries airspaces”. After conferring with the Swedish authorities, Frederiksen proved him wrong.

In his parliamentary response, Frederiksen claimed that the Danes had registered seven encroachments by Denmark on Swedish airspace, although two more had been noted by Stockholm. Frederiksen attributed this divergence to “different registration methods, lack of reporting and errors and inaccuracies with equipment”.

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