Nigeria Evacuates Entire Town to Screen for Boko Haram Affiliates


The evacuation reportedly occurred on the threshold of a military operation in Jakana, in the province of Borno, but this was soon dismissed after local authorities noted that there was no operation in the making that they were aware of.

The Nigerian military has evacuated all the residents of a town in the north-eastern state of Jakana, Borno, without prior notice ahead of operations in the area, according to soldiers; however The Guardian quoted locals as saying that they were taken to a camp in the state capital Maiduguri to check whether they belonged to the extremist group Boko Haram.

The UN, meanwhile, said that the residents were not allowed to take any belongings with them, and some even arrived at the destination barefoot, raising the question of humanitarian aid in the region.

“Nobody was allowed to take anything along. People were crammed into the vehicles, one on top of the other and without food or water. Children were bundled into any available vehicle and this went on from 8pm on Monday until Tuesday evening”, the edition quoted one woman, who lived in Maiduguri, but was at the time in Jakana visiting family, as saying.

Others shared detailed reports of having been taken to Bakassi camp for domestically displaced people in Maiduguri, where they had to queue to get screened and then sit for long under the sun with no staples and shelter.

The ongoing standoff…

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