Balakot air strike: Pakistan shows off disputed site on eve of India election

The authorities in Pakistan have allowed foreign media and defence attachés to visit the site of a disputed Indian air strike in February.

They were given access to an Islamic school in Balakot, where Indian media say militants were killed in retaliation for an attack in Kashmir.

The large building appeared to be fully intact and the Pakistani army denied it had been used as a terror camp.

The visit to the school was held on the eve of a general election in India.

Pakistan and India have been engaged in an information war over the Balakot site, where Pakistan says the bombs on 26 February landed in an empty area and hurt no-one.

India insists it killed a large number of Jaish-e-Mohamed group militants and destroyed their camp in retaliation for a suicide attack two weeks earlier in Indian-administered Kashmir, which killed 40 paramilitary police troopers.

That attack was the deadliest against Indian forces in Kashmir in decades and raised fears of a new war between India and Pakistan, which are both nuclear powers.

What were the media shown on Wednesday?

Foreign journalists and diplomats were taken by the Pakistani army on the visit to Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state.

They were shown a medium-sized crater which the army said had been made by an Indian air force bomb.

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