India Asks if US Military Was Present at Pakistan Bases Before Dogfight – Report

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On Tuesday, Pakistan Army spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor stated that India failed to provide any evidence that a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet was shot down during the 27 February dogfight over Kashmir.

India has asked Washington to clarify whether US military personnel were present at bases from where Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16 fighter jets were deployed to the 27 February air battle between the two countries’ warplanes, the Economic Times reports.

The Indian newspaper cited unnamed sources as saying that the Pakistani military had allegedly asked all American personnel to leave the Pakistani bases as they were preparing for forward deployment. US officials are yet to comment on the issue.

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The sources, in turn, referred to end-user conditions agreed between the US and Pakistan which stipulate that “a detachment of American military personnel has to be present at each of the bases where the F-16s are stationed to oversee their actual usage and deployments”.

While New Delhi believes that Washington will not permit Islamabad to direct the F-16s towards Indian airspace, Pakistan has repeatedly cited “its right to use these warplanes in self-defence, which is one of the conditions mentioned in its agreement with the US”, according to the sources.

This followed the IAF presenting what it claimed…

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