Nordic Right-Wingers Join Forces to Stop ‘European Superstate’ & Macron


A new pan-European alliance plans to secure Europe’s external borders, culture and history from the onslaught of globalisation and Islam. The group describes itself as opposing French President Emmanuel Macron’s vision of a European superstate.

The Danish People’s Party (DF) and the Finns have both signed up to a pan-European right-wing alliance ahead of May’s European election. The other founding members of the European Alliance for People and Nations are Italy’s Lega and Germany’s Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) parties.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini described the aim of the newly founded group as preserving Europe’s borders, culture and history.

The ceremonial announcement in Milan was attended by Finns MEP Olli Kotro.

“Constructing a better and safer Europe with patriots!” Kotro tweeted, posting a picture of himself and his new-founded allies.

​”Together we will fight for a safer Europe with well-protected external borders, less immigration and a stronger cooperation to tackle terrorism and Islamisation” Danish MEP Anders Vistinen of the Danish People’s Party tweeted, posting the same photo.

As DF leading MEP candidate Peter Kofod put it, the idea of the new platform is to “fight federalism from within” and “support the interest of nation states”. The new alliance will therefore have three major goals: a Europe of nations with the nation state in the centre, more protection for national culture and…

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