Iran Designates US Military a Terrorist Organisation – Reports

Middle East

Previously, Iran warned that if US President Donald Trump lists Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organisation, Tehran would respond with a similar measure against the US CENTCOM. The corresponding bill has already been prepared.

Iran’s Supreme Security Council has designated the US CENTCOM and related forces as a terrorist organisation, Press TV reported. In addition, the media outlet noted, the council accused Washington of supporting terrorism.

“As a retaliatory measure to the US illegal decision [to recognize the IRGC as a terrorist organization], Iran declares the US regime a ‘state that supports terrorism’ and the CENTCOM and forces that are linked to it a ‘terrorist group’,” the security council’s statement, quoted by the Islamic Republic of Iranian Broadcasting state media outlet, read.

The move was announced shortly after US President Donald Trump announced a similar decision against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, warning about “the risks of conducting business” with the elite forces.

 Trump Designates Iran’s IRGC as Terrorist Group Despite Tehran’s Warning

The council has blasted Trump’s decision:

“The Supreme National Security Council of Iran, strongly condemning the dangerous and illegal step of the US regime, which put the IRGC on the list of foreign terrorist organizations, considers this groundless measure the main danger to peace and security in the…

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