Inside Sudan's sit-in at army HQ

Protests in Sudan, demanding President Omar al-Bashir and his government stand down, have taken a twist with the activists being helped by some soldiers. army headquarters. The BBC has been talking to some of the demonstrators.

‘The army are protecting us’ – Ahmed Mahmoud

I am at the sit-in at the army headquarters now – on the street opposite the naval force headquarters.

We spent the night here.

At around 04:00 we were attacked by the national security forces. Tear gas and live bullets were fired.

As soon as we started hearing the bullets the army let us into the headquarters and then fighting broke out.

The national army are protecting us. They let us into their HQ building and they are firing back at the NISS [National Intelligence and Security Service] soldiers.

Image caption Tuesday is the fourth day protesters have been outside the army HQ

It is serious now. This is the second night they [the NISS and the army] have been firing at each other.

It is pointless for [President] Omar al-Bashir to continue using his…

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