Gunshots Reportedly Heard, Tear Gas Fired at Sudan Protest Site (VIDEOS)


Heavy shooting heard at a protest site outside the Sudanese defence ministry in Khartoum, Reuters reported, citing the Al-Hadath TV Broadcaster.

According to eyewitnesses, cited by Reuters, local security forces trying to break up the protest by force.

Thousands of protesters reportedly took to the streets in the capital Khartoum over the weekend to call for the resignation of Sudan’s longtime ruler Omar Bashir and urge the army to side with the people.

Thousands of Protesters Heading to Anti-Government Rally in Sudan (PHOTOS)

The Sudanese Army cordoned off on Monday the main street of Khartoum, leading to the presidential palace since several thousands of Khartoum residents were reportedly gathering there in order to stage a new rally.

According to AFP, citing local protesters, Sudanese security forces fired tear gas on Tuesday outside the army headquarters in Khartoum in a bid to disperse the demonstrators from the military complex.

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