Sudan protest: Clashes among armed forces at Khartoum sit-in

Elements of Sudan’s military have acted to protect protesters in Khartoum after security forces fired tear gas to break up a mass sit-in, eyewitnesses say.

Soldiers tried to chase away pick-up trucks firing tear gas, on the second night of a sit-in protest calling for President Omar al-Bashir to resign.

Protesters sought shelter in a navy facility, a witness said, as divisions among the armed forces were laid bare.

Mr Bashir has so far refused demands to make way for a transitional government.

What happened overnight?

One protester told the BBC’s Newsday that a number of pick-up trucks arrived and began firing tear gas and live ammunition at the thousands of sit-in protesters in the Sudanese capital.

She said the military was at first neutral but then tried to chase the security forces away.

It is unclear who the security forces were but BBC Africa editor Fergal Keane says reports indicate they were agents from the powerful National Intelligence and Security Service and a state militia.

The eyewitness said the security forces returned for a second attack and people then ran towards a navy facility to seek shelter from the prolonged firing.

Image caption An army vehicle passes protesters near the…

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