India election 2019: Has India's BJP government kept its promises?

The election campaign in India is in full swing, with voting due to get under way on 11 April.

It is by a considerable margin the largest democratic process in the world, with around 900 million people eligible to take part.

Five years on from his victory in 2014, the prime minister Narendra Modi wants a fresh mandate to continue what he says is his mission to transform India.

But the main opposition Congress Party says he’s failed in key areas.

So how has this government matched up to its promises?

BBC Reality Check has been taking a look at the issues, using available data to evaluate the claims made by the main parties.

Keeping India secure

At the end of February, security became a major issue after an attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir, in which 40 soldiers were killed.

The government presented itself as the true guardian of the country’s security, after launching retaliatory strikes in Pakistan.

But the opposition Congress hit back, saying the security situation in Kashmir was now worse under this government than under their own rule before 2014.

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