S-400 to Guard Not Only Turkey, but NATO & EU – Erdogan Party’s Press-Secretary

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The US has been actively trying to dissuade its NATO ally Turkey from obtaining Russian-made S-400 air defence systems for the last year and a half, claiming that it will be incompatible with the alliance’s air defence grid.

Spokesman for Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party, led by the country’s president Recep Tayyp Erdogan, Omer Celik has said that by buying Russian S-400 systems, Turkey ensures not only its own security, but also that of NATO and the EU. He noted that although they were primarily ordered to protect the country from strikes, coming from Syrian territory, the S-400 will also serve to protect European and NATO-states’ borders.

The spokesman noted that Ankara had been forced to look for options to boost its air defences after “some NATO allies” withdrew their Patriot systems from Turkish territory. Celik recalled that due to that move, Turkey had little to counter missile launches coming from Syrian soil and that no partner had made an offer to Ankara in order to prevent further attacks.

The JDP representative also called out western double standards, noting that another NATO ally, Greece, had S-300 systems on its territory without any issues, while Turkey has confronted obstacles, when it tries to buy S-400s. He argued that Turkey is a sovereign nation and that it is “wrong” to dictate to it, whether to use Russian air defence systems or not.

 US Couldn’t Offer…

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