Have Proof Pakistani F-16 Shot Down, Says Air Force; Refutes US Journal Report

According to Foreign Policy magazine, Pak invited US to physically count its F-16 planes.

New Delhi: 

The Indian Air Force today said it had proof that a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet was shot down in the February dogfight, as American news publication Foreign Policy contradicted India quoting unnamed US defence officials. “Two senior US defense officials with direct knowledge of the situation told Foreign Policy that U.S. personnel recently counted Islamabad’s F-16s and found none missing,” the publication says in a report published on Thursday.

In a statement, the Air Force said: “The Indian Forces have confirmed sighting ejections at two different places on that day. The two sightings were at places separated by at least 8-10 km. One was an IAF MiG 21 Bison and other a PAF aircraft. Electronic signatures gathered by us indicate that the PAF aircraft was a F-16.”

The government had said that in an aerial duel on February 27 – a day after India sent fighter jets to Pakistan’s Balakot to strike a terror training camp – Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman had engaged with one of the Pakistani fighter jets that tried to target Indian military facilities and shot it down before he was hit and forced to eject. Abhinandan Varthaman landed across the Line of Control and was in Pakistani custody for three days before he was returned to India amid attempts to de-escalate the crisis between the two sides.

The Air Force said radio intercepts proved that two pilots had ejected, not…

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  1. Few days ago indian media reported an accident in kashmir took place in that accident two IAF pilots were died and one pilot named Pandy was the pilot of Su 30 mki so possibly it can be a cover up of that Su 30 mki which was shot down by PAF on 27 Fab (fell in IOK) pilot were died on same day but due to strong reaction of indian public they just hide and removed all of the stuff and now they made this story and reporting an accident in that a Su 30 mki pilot named Pandy has been died with another pilot of IAF.
    So truth is that a Su 30 mki was definitely shot down by PAF and indian government trying to hide it from their public but truth reveals one day and the day has come truth has been revealed.
    An American based Magazine Foreign Policy has revealed that No PAF F-16 is missing all of the aircrafts have been counted and inspected very keenly and are present on PAF basis.
    In fact the second aircraft with Mig21 that was shot down by PAF is Su-30 mki which india still trying to hide bcz of aggressive reaction of indian public but it’s being cover up from the first day.
    But truth always prevails.
    And truth is that two IAF aircraft were shot down by PAF one was Mig-21 Bison and second was Su-30 mki.


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