India election 2019: Has security improved under Modi?

Ahead of the Indian election, which gets under way on 11 April, the main political parties are arguing over who has tackled national security more effectively.

The opposition Congress party – which held power from 2004 until 2014 – says that terror incidents have risen by 260% and infiltration by militants across the border has doubled under the current BJP government.

The Congress also says that almost four times more militants were killed under its rule than during the current administration.

The Indian government breaks down internal security issues into four categories:

But the claims made by the Congress party appear to relate to the Indian-administered Kashmir region only and not the rest of India, so we’ll first focus on the available figures for this area.

There has been an armed insurgency by militants against Indian forces in Kashmir since the late 1980s.

Both India and Pakistan claim all of Muslim-majority Kashmir but control only parts of it.

Tensions between the two nations escalated in February after India carried out air strikes against what it said was a militant camp based in Pakistan and the latter retaliated with air raids.

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