Israel’s New Right Party Vows to Defeat Hamas, Untie IDF Hands – Report

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Party leaders also serving as ministers of justice and education plan to take away the Israeli High Court’s restrictions on IDF actions in Gaza and the West Bank, citing the military’s fight against Hamas.

Israel’s The New Right Party, led by education minister Naftali Bennett and outgoing justice minister, Ayelet Shaked, have pledged to use the IDF to defeat Hamas, and overcome the High Court of Justice so that the IDF can defeat Hamas, The Times of Israel reported Sunday.

“My mission and that of Ayelet Shaked is clear: to release the IDF from the High Court of Justice so that the IDF can defeat Hamas”, Bennett said at a press conference in Tel Aviv’s Beit Sokolov.

Hamas is an organisation that runs the Gaza Strip and is considered a terror group in israel. However, The New Right connected victory over Hamas with a recent shooting in the West Bank in which an Israeli man was reportedly killed and two others were wounded.

“We repeat slogans such as ‘we will bring the terrorists to justice’ but time and again, nothing happens to them. The terrorists are not afraid”, Shaked said during the conference.

According to the party, IDF soldiers are reluctant to open fire at possible terrorists out of fear of being prosecuted in court. Reports from Ariel Junction — a large roundabout near Ariel University where the attack happened — indicated that the IDF troops had failed to open fire…

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