Israeli soldier and rabbi killed in West Bank attack

Two Israelis have died after an attack by a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, Israeli officials say.

The military said a man stabbed to death a soldier at an intersection near the Jewish settlement of Ariel before stealing his rifle and shooting a civilian and another soldier.

The civilian died of his injuries on Monday while the second soldier remains in a serious condition in hospital.

Israeli forces are searching for the attacker, who fled the scene in a car.

Roadblocks have been set up around several nearby Palestinian villages and settlements have been told to keep their gates closed.

Israeli military spokesman Lt Col Jonathan Conricus said Sunday’s incident began at about 09:45 (07:45 GMT), when the attacker stabbed a soldier near the Ariel Junction and seized his assault rifle.

He then opened fire at three passing vehicles, hitting a civilian in the first vehicle, Col Conricus added. The second vehicle was hit but continued moving. The third car stopped and the attacker hijacked it.

He then drove to the nearby Gitai Avishar Junction, where he shot a soldier standing at a hitch-hiking post.

From there, the attacker drove to the Palestinian village of Bruqin, abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, Col Conricus said.

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