At Least 2 Killed, 5 Hurt in Iraqi Army Clashes With Kurdish PKK – Reports

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Clashes took place Sunday in Sinjar in northwestern Iraq after PKK fighters were denied passage through an army checkpoint, Reuters reported, adding that the Kurdish fighters drove a vehicle into one soldier and attacked the checkpoint.

“The clashes started when a military vehicle belonging to the Sinjar protection units wanted to cross from a border area between the Kurdistan region and Kurdistan, Syria, where they were shot by Iraqi forces”, the governor of Sinjar, Mahma Khalil, told the Kurdish Rudaw broadcaster on Sunday.

According to him, as a result of the incident, two PKK militants were killed and three injured. A source told the broadcaster that the incident took place near the town of Snuny close to the Iraqi-Syrian border.

According to the Iraqi News media outlet, the skirmish left a Kurdish fighter dead and two others wounded. A source told the media outlet that an Iraqi serviceman was also killed in the clash, while four others were wounded.

Turkish Forces ‘Neutralize’ 7 PKK Militants in Northern Iraq — Reports

The Turkish Defence Ministry has said, cited by Iraqi News, that two Turkish soldiers were killed earlier on Saturday and eight others were wounded in clashes with Kurdistan Workers’ Party militants in northern Iraq.

Sinjar, near the border with Syria, was one of the first areas to be recaptured by the the Kurdish militia from Daesh in 2015 during a US-backed…

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