IDF Pounds Gaza in Response to Recent Attack Toward Tel Aviv

Middle East

The Israeli military said early on Friday that it had launched strikes against “terror sites” in the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday night, rocket alarms went off in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv for the first time since 2014. The israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it had registered “two launches from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory.”

According to Palestinian eyewitnesses, cited by Reuters, several blasts were heard early on Friday from what they claimed to be IDF jets’ attack on Hamas positions.

IDF said Friday that they could confirm that the rockets fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv earlier “were launched by the Hamas”.

Notably, Hamas said earlier in a statement, quoted by Reuters, they were “not responsible for the firing of the rockets tonight towards the enemy. They were fired as a meeting was underway between the leadership of the Hamas movement and the Egyptian security delegation over the understandings regarding the Gaza Strip”.

Missiles Fired Toward Tel Aviv First Time Since 2014 (VIDEOS)

Meanwhile, moments after the IDF launched its air raid against alleged Hamas targets in Gaza, alarm sirens went off in the southern part of Israel, signaling possible Palestinian shelling.

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