Ananth Kumar Hegde targets Rahul Gandhi again: ‘Can son of Muslim give proof he is Brahmin?’

Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde.

Union Minister of State for Skill Development Ananth Kumar Hegde has again questioned Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s claims of being a Hindu and a Brahmin by raising the issue of his parentage.

Speaking at a public meeting in Sirsi town of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka on March 9, Hegde said that the Congress and Rahul were questioning the recent strikes in Pakistan by the BJP government while the Congress chief’s claims of being a Hindu were in question. Hegde is the MP from Uttara Kannada.

“They want proof it seems (of the airstrikes in Pakistan). They want proof of what the soldiers have done. Can this son of a Muslim give proof that he is a Brahmin as he claims? His father is a Muslim and mother is a Christian, how did he become a Brahmin? Can he provide any proof?” Hegde said.

“This is not a joke and I will say this on record. When Rajiv Gandhi died his body was in pieces. They needed to tally his DNA with family members. When Rahul’s DNA was sought, Sonia Gandhi said no, don’t take Rahul’s DNA. She said take Priyanka’s DNA and test it. This is the truth and I am saying it on record. They did not want Rahul’s DNA tested and only wanted Priyanka’s DNA,’’ Hegde said to laughter from the audience.

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Hegde, a Brahmin, has repeatedly questioned Rahul’s claims of being a Brahmin over the past few months. In January,…

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