Israeli Firm Dumps Alleged Satellite IMAGES of ‘Iranian Missile Plant’ in Syria

Middle East

Earlier, Israeli media claimed that Iran, the Syrian government and Hezbollah were building a secret “precision missile factory” in western Syria.

Israeli satellite intelligence firm ImageSat International has released satellite images of what it says are “probably” indications of a missile production facility outside Safita, a Syrian town in southeast Tartous about 100 km from the Lebanese border.

According to the company, an analysis of “the construction patterns, the compound location and the activity” at the site signal “the probability that this is a missiles manufacturing site.”

As evidence, the firm shows satellite images of several buildings “reminiscent [of] large industrial buildings” closed in by fencing, with two of the buildings assumed to be “production lines,” while the third is said to be meant for “manufacture or assembly” of the missiles.

Citing “massive and wide trails of heavy vehicles” in the area, ImageSat suggests these were “probably created by the activity of heavy vehicles such as SSM [Surface-to-Surface Missile] launchers.”

At the same time, the firm indicates that there was “probably no manufacturing [or] assembly of missile engines and warheads” going on at the plant, given lack of the necessary “protected structures.”

“Also, no missiles or launchers were identified within the compound,” ImageSat admitted.

The satellite operator’s report follows on claims made last…

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