Daesh Message from Last City Claims Group Only Lost ‘By Standards of This World’

Middle East

As the US-led coalition closes in on Daesh’s final stronghold in the city of Baghuz near Syria’s border with Iraq, the militant group has released a message claiming it’s only been defeated “by the standards of this world” and calling on its supporters to rise up once more.

By the “standards of this world,” Daesh may seem to have been defeated, says a militant who identifies himself as Abu Abdul-Azim in the video, according to AP. “If we used to hold thousands of kilometers and now only a few kilometers remain, it is said that we lost. That is by the standards of this world. But the standards of the other world and almighty God are different.”

The video, posted recently on social media, shows images assumed to be in the city of Baghuz, a town on the Euphrates River that was once home to roughly 10,000 people. Now, however, it’s become Daesh’s last redoubt, assaulted on every side by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces, their allies the US Air Force and the Syrian Arab Army across the river.

Cracks of rifle fire can be heard in the video as Azim asks: “What is our crime? Why are we bombarded by warplanes? Why has the entire world of infidels come together to fight us?… It is because we wanted to implement God’s law.”

“There is no group in the world that ruled by the Quran and Sunna except this select group,” he continues, according to AP. “That is victory… So we are…

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