US, Taliban Agree on American Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan – Reports

Middle East

The United States has been conducting a military operation against insurgents in Afghanistan since 2001. The fresh round of negotiations between the American delegation and Taliban representatives started on 25 February.

The US delegation and the Taliban, on the last day of the fifth round of Doha talks, drafted an agreement on combating terrorism and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, TOLOnews reported, citing sources. The media outlet has not, however, specified the details of the deal, only saying that it was a document written in the English and Pashtu languages.

According to the outlet, the sources confirmed that the Taliban had agreed to cut ties with all terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda*, and join in the fight against them.

However, the sources noted that nothing has been signed between the United States and Taliban, as Washington continues to promote its negotiation formula stating that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, citing sources, that no deal on the timeline for the pullout of foreign troops has been reached. As the news agency mentioned, the sides will meet for the next round of talks in the near future.

The Russian Foreign Ministry previously said that the second meeting of the inter-Afghan dialogue is also planned to be held in qatar in late March. The Foreign Ministry of qatar has not yet been able to confirm…

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