IRA Claims Responsibility for Recent Bombs in London, Glasgow


Investigations in to the devices used in the explosions are ongoing and enquiries are being sought in order to verify the claim.

The claim was made on behalf of an entity known as the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who have claimed responsibility for planting explosive devices at the University of Glasgow, including three transport hubs in London, according to police sources used by the Scottish Sun News.

Later, the UK Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland confirmed they were aware of the claim, but stated they continued probing the devices and the claim itself.

“Given the packages received last week bore similarities to devices sent in the past which were linked to dissident groups associated with Northern Ireland-related terrorism, officers were already looking at this as a line of enquiry. However, we continue to keep an open mind and enquiries continue,” the police added.

The claim was received on Monday 11 March by a media outlet in Northern Ireland outlet using a recognised codeword.

Roughly eight buildings were evacuated at the university after a suspicious package was discovered around 10:45am on 6 March.

A controlled explosion was conducted after facilities were evacuated at the city’s West End, Metropolitan Police said. Counterterrorism officers have also linked similar packages sent to three busy travel hubs in London earlier the same week.

A police spokesperson said in a Tuesday

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