Here is why Anantkumar Hegde is under limelight for wrong reasons

Union Minister Anantkumar Hegde.

Union minister Anantkumar Hegde on Monday waded into another controversy after he questioned Rahul Gandhi’s caste and religion and asked the Congress chief to prove how “a person born to a Muslim father and Christian mother became a Gandhi”.

While referring to the Congress leader’s demands for proof of the recently-conducted Balakot airstrikes, Hegde said, “Rahul Gandhi is asking for proof of airstrikes conducted by our soldiers in Pakistan. But, I will ask, what is the proof that he is a Hindu? How did a person born to a Muslim father and Christian mother become a Gandhi? A Brahmin? Will he give DNA proof?”

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However, the BJP MP is not new to courting controversies. Here’s a look back at all his major controversial remarks.

Rahul Gandhi a ‘hybrid specimen’

In January, Hegde had termed Gandhi “a hybrid specimen” that cannot be found in any laboratory in the world. “He (Rahul Gandhi) does not know this country. He has no clue about religion. Look how they lie. A father who is a Muslim, a mother who is a Christian and the son is supposed to be a Brahmin. How is that even possible?,” he had said in January.

“You will not find such a hybrid specimen in any laboratory across the world. You’ll find such specimen in Congress laboratory in this country, where the father and the son are of…

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