Guaido Calls on Europe to Tighten Pressure on Maduro

Caracas declared the German envoy to venezuela persona non-grata, citing his alleged attempts to interfere in the country’s internal affairs after he welcomed the opposition leader at the Caracas Airport upon his arrival from a tour of allied South American nations, organised in defiance of a government-issued travel ban.

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido has denounced the expulsion of German Ambassador to venezuela Daniel Kriener as “a threat, a verbal one”. According to him, the Venezuelan authorities had no right to announce 

“In light of the situation, that is a logical move: there is political persecution, journalists are imprisoned. Cameras and equipment are confiscated… If a regime threatens, one knows what consequences that has”, he told the German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.

In the interview, Guaido also described his strategy as “pressure without violence”, e.g. rallies, demands for social reforms, for justice. 

“Our goal is to mobilise citizens, regardless of parties, the parliament, civil society, committees, unions, students, youth, the church. A peaceful transition would help stabilise the country quickly, democratise it to hold free elections”, he insisted, also claiming that “even the military are fed up” and expressed confidence that “80, if not 85 percent want a change in contrast to the high command”.

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