Satellite Imagery Shows India Missed Target in Pakistan Airstrike – Reports

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India announced last week that it had destroyed a suspected Pakistan-based terror camp in its first airstrike on its neighbour since 1971. This led to a brief spike in tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad, which peaked on Wednesday in a dogfight over the disputed Kashmir region.

High-resolution satellite images cast doubt on India’s claims that it flattened a militant training camp inside Pakistan, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

According to images produced by the US-based company Planet Labs, which operates a commercial satellite network, the structures belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror group appeared to have suffered no visible damage after India’s reported air raid.

Satellite data analysis is said to have revealed no signs of a militant camp but a madrasa (religious school) allegedly affiliated with JeM.

Reuters reporters have found no evidence of damaged infrastructure or casualties at the site; unnamed Western diplomats were quoted as saying that there was a military camp there a few years ago, but it had been moved.

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This discovery directly contradicts the account of Indian officials, who announced last week that Indian jets dropped a payload on a JeM camp, killing “a very large number” of militants — at least 300, according to a top government official.

New Delhi said the move came as a…

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