Amazon Accused of Censorship for Axing Tommy Robinson’s Book on Islam


The former EDL leader was earlier banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for his perceived hate speech and calls for violence. Robinson himself is at loggerheads with the mainstream media and establishment, which he says are trying to silence anyone who opposes their “globalist” agenda.

Amazon has been accused of an “Orwellian foot-stomping” on free speech after removing a book by renowned British activist Tommy Robinson.

Robinson co-wrote a book titled “Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam”. Released in July 2017, the publication went on to become an Amazon best-seller for a brief period of time. One of the theses is that intolerance is inherent to Islam and that xenophobia is rooted in the Koran.

Amazon’s website currently says that the book is “not available” to customers, either in print or online. According to the other co-author, Peter McLoughlin, the company deleted it from their database, which means that even second-hand copies are not for sale.

“This is the twenty-first century equivalent of the Nazis taking out the books from university libraries and burning them,” he said. “Can you think of another scholarly book on Islam that has been banned by Amazon?”

He accused the company of pursuing a double-line policy, since publications like Adolf Hitler’s infamous Mein Kampf and terrorist manuals are still available in the online store.

“I can’t get my head round it,” McLoughlin lamented. “Every few weeks…

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