Oppn asking for operational details of airstrike untenable: Javadekar

Praksh Javadekar also made it clear that BJP was not trying to reap political benefit out of the airstrike ahead of the polls.

Union HRD minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday criticised the Opposition for raising question on the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) bombing of a terror training camp in Pakistan, saying that operational details cannot be shared as it might help the other country.

While addressing BJP’s intellectual cell and civil society meet in Burdwan, Javadekar said, “I am surprised to see that Mamata ji and other Opposition parties are demanding proof of the airstrike instead of congratulating them. Pakistan has admitted that 12 Indian aircraft had entered the country but the Opposition parties here are not willing to accept it. This is very unfortunate. By raising questions on the air strike, they are showing that they have no confidence on the IAF.”

“The people of the country will not forgive them for this. They had done the same thing after the surgical strike. Pakistan is infamous in the world for harbouring terrorists. The entire world knows that. Then why are the Opposition saying all these? Raising doubts and asking for proof will only help Pakistan,” he said. The statements from the Union minister came in the backdrop of Oppostion parties demanding proof and details of the airstrike.

Later responding to queries on the Opposition’s demands, he said, “These are operational details which are never shared because that will…

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