UK row over 'white saviour complex'

Stacey Dooley has challenged MP David Lammy after he said “the world does not need any more white saviours” following her Comic Relief posts from Africa.

She tweeted: “David, is the issue with me being white? (Genuine question)… because if that’s the case, you could always go over there and try raise awareness?”

She’s posted images on Instagram of her holding a young Ugandan child.

Mr Lammy said: “This isn’t personal and I don’t question your good motives.”

The Labour MP for Tottenham added: “My problem with British celebrities being flown out by Comic Relief to make these films is that it sends a distorted image of Africa which perpetuates an old idea from the colonial era.”

Dooley, who recently won Strictly Come Dancing and has made documentaries for the BBC on topics including fast fashion and an Isis sex slave, said: “Comic Relief have raised over £1bn since they started. I saw projects that were saving lives with the money. Kids’ lives.”

Mr Lammy also appeared on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, saying: “Charity is a good thing, all of us understand that, but how we do charity is important.

“Comic Relief is a…

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