Trump to Make Statement on Venezuelan Crisis Next Week – Reports

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak about Venezuelan political situation at Florida International University in Miami on Monday, the Miami Herald newspaper reported Wednesday, citing a White House official.

According to the US-based media outlet, Trump is looking to increase pressure on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to leave the country. During his upcoming speech, the US president is expected to reaffirm his support for the self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido and slam the socialism as a scourge.

Earlier in the day, Trump and Colombian counterpart Ivan Duque Marquez conducted a bilateral meeting at the White House. At the meeting, the presidents promised to send a “tremendous” amount of humanitarian aid to venezuela.

US Congress Would Not Support Military Intervention in Venezuela — Official

“The United States and colombia are committed to taking steps to resolve the ongoing democratic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela”, the statement said Wednesday. “Both countries strongly support Interim President of venezuela Juan Guaido, and call on all countries around the world to support peace and stability in the region by recognizing President Guaido”.

“We’re working on many things together: the eradication of drugs in colombia and outside of Colombia; and obviously, Venezuela”, President Trump said in a separate statement.

“We want to work together to put an end to the brutal dictatorship that has been affecting…

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