Palestine’s Al-Aqsa TV Used On-Air Signals to Cue Hamas Attacks – Shin Bet

Israeli intelligence claims Al-Aqsa TV news anchors coordinated Hamas terror attacks through cues such as reciting the Quran, reading poems or simply putting a cup on a table.

Israel’s Shin Bet security service has accused the Palestinian Al-Aqsa TV channel of acting on behalf of Hamas — the governing party of Gaza and considered a terrorist group in Israel — to coordinate terror attacks inside Israel, The Times of israel reported Wednesday.

According to the service’s statement, the TV channel used clandestine messages, such as reciting quotes from the Quran or even simply putting down a cup on a table, as signals for Hamas recruits. Shin Bet attributes its conclusions to information gathered from such recruits arrested in israel before they were able to carry out planned attacks.

Shin Bet says Hamas agents from the Gaza Strip have been reaching out to Palestinians living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem through social media (mostly Facebook) since 2017.

In order to verify themselves as acting on behalf of Hamas, the agents told their potential recruits to pick a passage from the Quran and then watch the next Al-Aqsa news broadcast. Once the recruit heard a news anchor reciting the passage, they knew the Hamas contact was real, Shin Bet says.

Sometimes, the signals were more subtle, as in a case in which an anchor began his news block by putting a cup on a table and reciting a quote from a song.

The recruits were reportedly…

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