‘Kid in a Tank Shop’: Britain’s Def Secretary Wants to ‘Enhance UK’s Lethality’


Gavin Williamson has made some new proposals regarding the UK’s global military prowess. He only needs to secure £7 billion for them to work.

Gavin Williamson, the UK minister of defense, notorious for his shocking suggestions and clumsy presentation, came up with yet another rhetorical pearl Monday, suggesting that the UK must “enhance its lethality” and “increase its mass” after Brexit.

“Brexit has brought us to a great moment in our history. A moment when we must strengthen our global presence, enhance our lethality and increase our mass,” he said Monday at the Royal United Services Institute.

According to the minister, after Brexit (which, if fear mongers are to be believed, will leave the country without food, water and medicine), the UK should position itself as a global power, willing to unilaterally intervene against countries that “flout international law.”

Williamson insisted that Brexit, which has so far been a source of nonstop strife in the country, will somehow allow the UK “to consider how we not only project but maximize our influence around the world in the months and years to come.”

Thankfully, Williamson elaborated on whom exactly UK is going to fight. You guessed it — Russia and China. Islamic terrorism is apparently out of fashion these days.

“We have learned much from fighting al-Qaeda and Daesh. But, while we tackled this extremism, state-on-state competition was reviving,” the minister said….

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