Daesh Fighters Dressing as Women to Avoid Capture by YPG in Syria – Reports

Middle East

Earlier, the US-backed Kurdish YPG militia announced that they were mopping up the last remnants of the Daesh (ISIS)* terrorist group on Syrian territory.

Daesh fighters are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to disguise themselves in an attempt to escape Kurdish fighters in southeast Syria, an unnamed YPG commander has told the Daily Star.

“You think of it, they do it,” the commander said. “It’s crazy right now, they’re really desperate. They are trying to blend in because there are so many [civilians],” he added. 

Earlier, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the umbrella organisation which includes the YPG, reported that over 20,000 civilians had fled the area in recent days amid the battle between terrorists and the militia.

The YPG commander confirmed that fighters “have been trying to escape in women’s clothes,” explaining that “some of them dress as women because we don’t ask the women to raise their hijab.”

Other jihadists resorted to posing as members of civilian families, the commander said. “They go into random families and scare them.”

“The families are afraid to say, ‘oh no, I don’t know him’. They also say, ‘they forced me, let me pass by and I will tell you where they are’. At this point it doesn’t really matter what they say because, we know where they are. There’s only one place they can be,” the commander added, referring to the terrorists’ complete encirclement by the…

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