Syria’s S-300s ‘Pose a Serious Potential Threat’ to Israel, US Journo Claims

On Wednesday, Israeli satellite imaging company ImageSat International (iSi) claimed that three S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers deployed to Syria had already been erected.

Russian-manufactured S-300 air defence systems, which have already been put on combat duty in Syria, may pose a “serious threat” to Israel Defence Forces (IDF) planes, according to National Interest contributor Mark Episkopos.

Describing the S-300 deployment to Syria as a “deconfliction measure”, Episkopos argues that “Russia took so long to deploy these systems” not only because Syrian servicemen had to be trained how to operate the S-300s but also due to “Moscow’s strategic caution”.

Israeli Air Force Shuns Attacks in Syria Since S-300 Delivery – Lawmaker

“Russian strategic command may have hoped to deter further Israeli airstrikes with the threat of inactive S-300’s being stockpiled in Syria, without having to take the added escalatory risk of deploying them,” he noted.

These hopes “were dashed” after the recent wave of Israeli airstrikes on Syria, which Episkiopos claims might have been the “final straw” that prompted Moscow to deploy the S-300 systems in the Arab Republic.

In this regard, he went on to note that the S-300 batteries may become a potential threat to IDF aircraft “operating within western Syrian airspace where the Assad regime’s government forces are heavily concentrated”.

S-300 Delivery to Syria Natural Development of Russia-Syria…

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