If Turkey Caved on S-400 Deal, Regional Crisis Would Ensue – Ex-Turkish General

Middle East

Earlier, a senior US official told Turkish media that Washington would halt the sale of Patriot missiles to Ankara if the country proceeded with the purchase of Russian-made S-400 air defence systems.

The United States’ threat to cancel the sale of Patriot missiles to Turkey if it buys Russian air defence systems is really aimed at postponing a Turkish cross-border operation in neighbouring Syria, retired Turkish Brig. Gen. Fahri Erenel has said.

“The US is using the Turkish purchase of S-400s from Russia to achieve its own ulterior goals,” Erenel said, speaking to Turkey’s Yeni Safak newspaper.

“A similar threat was made during the important negotiations by the Turkish delegation in Washington on Manbij, Syria. And this is not a coincidence. Their plans include postponing the upcoming Turkish operation in Syria. The US’s main problem is Turkey’s determination to conduct an operation east of the Euphrates River and the further deployment of the country’s military contingent in the region,” the retired officer argued.

Regarding the US attempt to press Ankara not to purchase the Russian S-400s, Erenel warned that if Turkey succumbs to such pressure, “Turkish-Russian bilateral relations would reach an irrevocable point…It would cause staggering after-effects. It would stir up the civil war in Syria. It would directly affect a large-scale area from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Black Sea,” he…

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