Twitter Accuses “Gloveless” Melania Trump of Stealing Star Wars Look at SOTU


While many commenters were discussing Donald Trump’s speech in Congress, others seemed more concerned with his wife Melania, who came to support her husband during the annual address. Like several times before, the First Lady has inspired netizens to embark on a storm of jokes – and this time, for not wearing one article of clothing in particular.

Melania Trump has stirred Twitter by appearing at the 2019 State of the Union address in the House of Representatives with her choice of attire once again. The First Lady stood out among the many female attendees as she opted for a navy blue coat dress by Burberry (on sale for $2,400, according to some reports) while female Democrats decided to wear white.

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However, it was her sole black glove that received particular attention on social media, as many were apparently puzzled at her leaving her right hand bare and tried to guess what was hidden under the glove — although later pictures showed that her left hand appeared normal.

​All kinds of pop-culture references poured in. Some accused her of stealing Luke Skywalker’s signature look, while others looked at Melania, but saw Nicholas Cage or Dr Strangelove.

​There were those who concluded that this was a tribute to Michael Jackson and seized the opportunity to mock Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam, who…

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