Israeli Satellite PHOTOS Suggest Russian-Made S-300 Operational in Syria

Middle East

Russia completed its delivery of new S-300 air defence systems to Syria last October following a Russian plane’s accidental destruction by a Syrian air defence battery that was responding to an Israeli airstrike.

Israeli satellite imaging company ImageSat International (iSi) has claimed three launchers for Russian-made S-300 long-range surface-to-air missile systems deployed to Syria have been erected.

“Due to the current regional tension and the detected erection of the launchers it is possible that the mentioned activity indicates an increase of the operational level and alertness. However it is currently unclear why only one launcher is covered by camouflage net. This situation is rare and raises question marks about the operational level of the whole battery and specifically of the covered and folded launcher”, the company assessed.

According to iSi, the alleged deployment site is located in the northwest of the town of Masyaf.

Iran’s Quds Force Commander’s Visit to Syria Triggered Israeli Raid – Reports

Neither Russia, nor Syria have commented on the claims yet.

Israel and Syria have repeatedly been engaged in an exchange of fire, with the latest Israeli airstrike, which lasted two days (20-21 January), hitting what was described by Tel Aviv as Iranian targets in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport. The Russian military has confirmed that Syrian air defences had destroyed…

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