Danish Gov’t Muddled Waters Over Iraq Invasion to Fulfil US Wishes – Report

Prior to Copenhagen’s controversial decision to enter the Iraq War, important data was withheld from the Danish parliament, a comprehensive report, which took several years to compile, has found. Furthermore, information about Iraq’s alleged WMDs, which were never found despite various intelligence reports, was distorted.

Denmark’s liberal-conservative government led by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who later became NATO’s secretary general, failed to pass on important information to the foreign policy committee ahead of Denmark’s controversial US-led engagement in Iraq in 2003, a several hundred page-long report, compiled by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, has stated.

These wilful omissions gave parliament an “incomplete picture” of the situation, the report found. Denmark’s contribution to military operations abroad generally reflects the decision-makers’ desire to accommodate the US wishes, the historic report also stated.

Firstly, the Fogh government failed to inform parliament of the very purpose of invading Iraq. The government knew in advance that the US’ goal war was to railroad a regime change and overthrow Saddam Hussein. By contrast, then-Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller repeatedly stressed that the alleged goal was to disarm Baghdad’s apparent weapons of mass destruction (WMD) infrastructure, the researchers stressed.

“However, it appears from both embassy reports and other information such…

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