Netanyahu Reveals Three Reasons Why Hezbollah Chief is ‘Embarrassed’ Now

The statement comes after Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said on Sunday that his militant group does not exclude that together with Iran and Syria, it could retaliate against israel if the Jewish state conducts another airstrike on Damascus.

The lethal might of the israel Defence Forces (IDF) is one of the things that perplex Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Yesterday Nasrallah broke his silence. He is embarrassed for three reasons: firstly, due to our tremendous success in Operation Northern Shield. He and his men invested tremendous effort in the surprise weapon of the tunnels, including digging them — contrary to what he said — in recent years and in recent months. Within six weeks we completely deprived him of that weapon”, Netanyahu told a Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Israel Should ‘Beware’ of New War With Hezbollah — Lebanese Official

He explained that Nasrallah’s second source of embarrassment is related to Hezbollah’s “financial distress” due to the reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran and “its proxies, first and foremost Hezbollah”.

“Thirdly, Nasrallah is embarrassed by our determination. Hezbollah is faced with the lethal force of the IDF, and believe me, Nasrallah has good reasons not to want to feel our blows land”, Netanyahu concluded, as cited by the Times of Israel newspaper. 

His remarks came after Nasrallah pledged to retaliate…

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