Jordan Will Not Take Over or Monitor al-Tanf Base After US Withdrawal – FM

“No, al-Tanf area is inside Syria,” Safadi said when asked if it was possible that the base would be handed over to Jordan after the US troop withdrawal.

The foreign minister of Jordan stressed that Amman hoped that the three countries would instead hold trilateral talks to take necessary measures to ensure security in the area.

US Considers Keeping Troops at al-Tanf, Syria to Counter Iran Amid Exit — Report

“Jordan will protect its borders but will not cross into Syrian territory. What we are hoping for is again to have a trilateral discussion that will agree on arrangements that will ensure security on the other side of the border,” the foreign minister added.

When asked whether Jordan might be invited to monitor the military base after the US troops leave, Safadi said “no” as well.

“Al-Tanf is on the other side of the Jordanian border. As I said, Jordan will not cross its border. We will take every measure we have to protect our security. We will eliminate any threat to our security. But arrangements on the other side of the border after withdrawal will have to be agreed by all parties, and they have to ensure the safety and security in the area,” the Jordanian foreign minister said.

Rukban Refugee Camp

Jordan hopes that the UN humanitarian convoy will reach Rukban refugee camp, located on the Syrian-Jordan border, soon and continues talks with Moscow and Washington on ways to permanently dismantle the camp, Safadi stressed.


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