Debunking the Security Fears of a No Deal Brexit, the EAW and Interpol

Although I suspect most of the bobbies on the beat voted to Leave, their hierarchy is in charge of Project Terror, to influence how Parliament votes on the Withdrawal Agreement.

Over the past few weeks, the feverish nonsense peddled about jeopardizing our safety by leaving the EU’s dysfunctional security “union” needs to be debunked here and now.  

Cressida Dick, chief Metropolitan Commissioner, says ‘crashing’ (language!) out of the EU without an agreement would mean having to replace structures, such as access to databases and agreements on arrest and extradition, which could threaten the police’s crime-fighting capability.

She adds there would be “very real operational consequences if there are no alternative arrangements in place around exchange of material and people by way of a European arrest warrant making it harder to tackle cross-border crime”.

Security minister Ben Wallace said that “no matter how effectively we prepare”, ‘crashing’ (language, again) out of the EU without an agreement would immediately cut the UK out of vital intelligence databases.

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Asked if she was suggesting the consequences meant the UK would be less safe, Ms Dick readily admitted: “We can talk about what might happen, but of course while there are so many unknowns it’s very hard to predict.” 

Our home secretary, Sajid Javid, said he could not argue the deal “is perfect…

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