Troops could return to Irish border, warns Varadkar

Media captionLeo Varadkar was speaking to Bloomberg TV

Troops could return to the border in the event of a botched Brexit, the Irish prime minister has warned.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said a hard border could “involve people in uniform… possibly a police presence, or an army presence to back it up”.

Mr Varadkar added that Ireland had been “victimised” by the Brexit process.

An Irish government spokesperson later said Mr Varadkar was not referring to putting Irish troops at the border, insisting there are no plans to do so.

“The taoiseach made it clear in the interview that the government is determined to avoid a no deal scenario and the consequent risk of a hard border,” the spokesperson said.

“He was asked to describe a hard border, and gave a description of what it used to look like, and the risk of what it could look like in the worst case scenario.

“He was not referring to Irish personnel and the Irish government has no plans to deploy infrastructure or personnel at the border.”

The comments come as the UK chancellor said the EU could be ready to drop some of its Brexit “red lines” to “help” save the deal it reached with the UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May is battling to get her withdrawal deal through Parliament.

Many oppose the deal because of its insistence on a backstop for the Irish border.

The backstop is effectively an insurance policy to avoid a…

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