China’s Military Attracts Millions at Site With Snippets of Training

The popular Chinese short video-sharing app Douyin (known as Tik Tok overseas) has been recently embraced by Chinese military groups. The PLA, including its five main theatre commands, has opened an official account on the platform to share snippets of soldiers’ daily duties.

Special forces, the navy, ground force and air force are all part of this.

To keep up with online trends, the Chinese army has now integrated new media technologies to attract young fans.

Themes are very diverse in the videos, presenting a wide range of facets a service member may experience. This ranges from training and deployment, wounds and dangers, to soldiers making emotional returns home to surprise families, and sentimental moments after leaving the forces.

Utilizing this new form of media, traditionally mysterious army anecdotes are presented in a more humorous and down-to-earth manner. The image of soldiers is changing from a serious and cold symbol to a vivid and charming one.

Different Representation

“My lovely kids, I miss you so much. Dad will be back with you as soon as I finish my tour.”

This quote comes from a 44-second video clip, mixed with the sound of the wind whistling in chilly winter. This border guard stationed in Southwest China could not help but shed tears in the video.

The video gained 120,000 thumbs up within a few hours after it was released, and tens of thousands of netizens left their respect and gratitude in the comment area. The…

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