Regular Israeli Attacks on Syria Only Possible Due to US Backing – Damascus

Middle East

Syrian air defences reportedly repulsed a night-time strike against multiple targets in Damascus on Friday night, with military sources telling national media that most of the missiles were destroyed before reaching their destinations.

israel is able to continue to get away with attacks against Syria only because it is protected by the US, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said following the IAF’s latest attack on its soil.

In a statement published on Saturday, the ministry said it had dispatched letters to the secretary general of the United Nations and the head of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in connection with Friday night’s unprovoked attack on Damascus.

“This treacherous aggression fits within the framework of Israel’s attempts to prolong the crisis and the war against the terrorists in Syria, and to raise the morale of the remnants of the terrorist groups acting as its agents,” an excerpt from the letter reads.

“Furthermore, this is another attempt by the Israeli government to avoid addressing pressing domestic problems,” the letter adds.

According to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Israel’s continued aggression is possible only thanks to the “military, political and media cover provided by the US administration.”

Earlier, Syrian media reported that Israeli jets had fired multiple missiles at Damascus on Friday night, adding that most of the missiles were shot down before reaching their…

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