Pompeo: US Troops to Withdraw From Syria, Continue Anti-Daesh Fight

Middle East

On 19 December, US President Donald Trump announced victory over Daesh in Syria, adding that the fight against the terrorist group was the only reason the United States remained in Syria.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented at a joint press conference in Cairo on the US troops withdrawal from Syria and Washington’s plans in the Middle East.

America is a “force of good” in the Middle East, Pompeo said. He also claimed that “when America retreats, chaos follows.”

“For those who fret about the use of American power, remember: America has always been a liberating force, not an occupying power, in the Middle East. We’ve never dreamed of domination. Can you say the same of the Iranian regime?” the US secretary of state said.

He added that the United States will withdraw its troops from Syria while continuing to finish the battle against Daesh terrorists.

“The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is real. ISIS continues, we fight them in many regions around the country. Our commitment to continuing to prevent Daesh* growth… is real… We will continue at that. We’re going to do it, in a way, in one particular place — Syria — differently. The United States’ decision, President [Donald] Trump’s decision, to withdraw our troops has been made. We will do that,” Pompeo said at a press conference in Egypt.

Mike Pompeo stressed that the US will continue to carry out airstrikes in the…

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